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Bedbug Control Management

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Bedbug Control Management

Bedbugs are the common pest which observed throughout the world. They mostly feed on human blood causing lot of side effects including allergy and psychological effects. They believed to be evolved from cave dwelling insects which feed on bats. During the evolution when man kind moved from cave to the land area, they followed them. Since then they are living with humankind and feeding on them. Usually bedbugs use their Saliva which has anesthetic effect to prevent you from detecting when biting.

Bedbugs are known as travelers or Hitchhikers. They travel through your luggage cloths etc. Bedbugs are the worst nightmare of any tourist entity. The damage claim by bedbug in hotel segments is very high than all other complaints or expenses throughout the world. The guest who’s travelling to spend their vacation doesn’t want to experience any bedbug bite or do not want to carry them back to their home.

We ensure that your property is protected from the bedbug infestation. Most of the pest control companies target the adult bedbug treatment and fail to identify the egg and destroy them, which will fail the entire bedbug control program. Pesterminators conduct targeted treatment to control the adult bedbugs and their eggs for an effective long-lasting control. Our treatment protocols combine the chemical treatment and non-chemical treatment to control them. We also develop protocols for preventative measures to avoid the bedbug movement into the resort.

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