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Pest Management Audit

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Pest Management Audit

It is with great pleasure that Pesterminators Pvt. Ltd. was the first to launch a customize Pest Audit for its clients in Republic of Maldives.

Pest Management programme is one of the important component of HACCP audit. Evaluation of pest control programme, pesticide usage, labeling and storage of hazardous chemical and pesticide and the documentation of pest control programme are considered as integral part of HACCP certification.

This audit will be done independently to identify the standards and performance of current pest management programme and give recommendation based on the outcome. This audit comprises of external, internal pest behavior in the clients premises. This audit will suggest the methods to minimize the pest problems with internationally accepted methods. This also gives recommendation on specific pest controlling method in food handling area, maintenance of hygienic condition, recommendation on pesticide usage, safety aspects on pest control, handling and storage of pesticides and the maintenance of documentation related to pest control. Pest audit should be done bi-annually to ensure the efficiency of pest management programme.

Pesterminators within short span of its launch completed pest audit for more than 15 resorts and Food processing facilities

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