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Pest Management Consultation

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Pest Management Consultation

Pesterminators with its expertise in the field provide consultation for the resorts and food manufacturing plants. Our program supports you to prepare for the external audits such as HACCP, ISO, and other safety audits. We have successfully supported the consultation and implementation of pest management program to food manufacturing plants in Maldives for their external audit from Waitrose, M&S and Sainsbury.
Our objective of consultation varies according to the clients requirement.
  • There are those customers for whom we resolve challenging pest problems.
  • For others we work on staff training and assessment.
  • And for some, we provide expert input to litigation.

However for all our clients we aim to bring timely, effective, and independent expertise. Analysing problems, developing solutions, and improving performance. Ideas that change pest management

Following are our range of services.

  • Set and implement customized Integrated Pest Management plans (IPM).
  • Perform field surveys/ inspections to intercept and solve pest problems.
  • Monitor integrated pest management plans during the resort construction and after handover of projects.
  • Receive and process pest-related complaints from the staffs and guests and integrate these into digital systems to improve implemented pest control operations.
  • Conduct awareness campaigns for the public, government bodies and private sector to encourage them in participating in the pest control plans in their areas.
  • Provide advance training for pest management technicians and supervisors
  • Devise contingency plans with international standards to respond to and solve pest-related epidemics.
  • Monitor infestation levels of epidemic public health pests.
  • Execute and manage contingency plans in coordination with government bodies such as HPA

Our typical program involves a consultant from Pesterminators visit the resort/factory/factory on designated schedule. During the visit, a pest audit will be carried out to evaluate the problems, and a report will be formulated and sent to the management for review and corrective actions.

The consultant will also conduct a training program for the staff whenever required, with both theory and practical lessons. The training will be systematic, with topics such as principles of pest management, pest and breeding site identification and control, safe usage of chemicals and new techniques on pest management. The main aim of the training would be capacity building of the staff so that they get a sense of fulfillment and at the same time learn the tricks of their trade.


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