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Fly Management

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Fly Management

Flies are a nuisance primarily in resorts and other commercial space. But more than nuisance it can spread over 100 disease causing pathogens. They can contaminate food and water through which they spread the deadly disease. Flies breed in any decaying, rotting organic matter. This contact subsequently causes contamination of food and transmission of disease.

Pesterminators utilizes various techniques of Integrated Pest Management Practices to suppress and prevent the infestation of the Flies in the resorts. The control involves mechanical methods such as fly proofing and installation of Electric fly killers. We carefully utilize chemical application method in controlling the flies. The treatment is target specific the latest method such as Larvicide applications to control the fly maggots and Cold fogging treatments to control the adults.

The prime target is to control the houseflies, blow Flies and fruit flies. The treatment methods are in par with international food safety standards complying with food and safety policies. We have introduced all new range of non-toxic methods to suppress and prevent the infestation of flies. There are range of decorative fly traps and Electric Fly killers which can be used in restaurants and kitchens. We discuss with the client and develop site specific protocols to identify and manage the infestations. Pesterminators prides itself in having program and offerings which adhere to industry standards and International Food Safety Standards.


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