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Agriculture Pest Management

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Agriculture Pest Management

Our expertise extends to the agriculture pest management as well. Our sister company Agro services regarded is the market leaders in introducing innovation in the agriculture segment in Maldives. Agro Services Pvt Ltd was formed, with a view towards enhancing the growth of agriculture in Maldives, by providing much needed knowledge, consultancy and products to the industry, while simultaneously creating awareness about the breakthroughs in the industry that would provide a boost for the Maldivian farmers, landscapers and home gardeners.

Agricultural pest problems are most common in the resorts which have spent money on landscaping the island to ensure the beauty and attractiveness of the Island. We have partnered with our sister company in providing technical assistance, services and consultancy to the resort in managing the agricultural pest problems. We also provide consultancy related to the plant nutrient deficiency and other diseases.

To know more about our Agricultural consultancy please visit our sister company page here

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