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Battery Power ULV Cold Fogger BWC-50


Battery powered motor, no shaking, low noise level, no pollution to environment.

Produce excellent fine fog droplet, quick penetration and diffusion.

Programmed spraying, simple operation, just need press down 1 button, machine automatically start spraying.

Longer time battery electricity, can continuously spray more than 5 hours.

Battery powered ULV cold fogger has been equipped with handcart, moving freely while spray, also can be mounted on truck, save labor, convenient spray.

Can automatically adjust fog head spraying direction
In horizontally: 0-180 degree
In vertically: 15-55 degree
Save labor, avoiding work exposure to chemicals.

Operation via control panel from driver cabin or carried by hand.

Flow regulator controls solution output, can adjust get more precise flow rate and fog droplet.

Capable of dispense all chemicals, even wettable formulations, no clogging.


Used for public health protection, disinfection, vector control, pest control, crops protection,
Suit for spray both indoor and outdoor environment, such as theatre, stadium, shopping center, transportation center, hospital, food processing plant, warehouse, livestock disinfection, greenhouse, garden, etc.

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