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Thermal Fogger TS-75L



TS-75L model Thermal Fogger is a universal high-performance fog generator spray water based chemicals, whether stationary in closed space or mounted on vehicle for indoor application,

This unit is designed for the use with all common insecticides and disinfectants for livestock disinfection and stored products control,

Higher flow rate up to 80 L/ h (oil) and effective treatments indoors.

Can choose install a 25L external chemical tank, bigger capacity chemicals tank.

3 layers protecting shield, 2 stage cooling system, lower down temperature of the fogging tube and combustion chamber, when machine working, even can tough the protecting shield of machine, more safety to customer.

Have been equipped with automatic igniter, just directly pump the machine, no need press down any ignition button can quickly start up machine.


Can spray both oil and water based chemicals.

Livestock disinfection dispense disinfectants, deodorants, germicides, and insecticides, sanitize the animal housing environments of livestock, poultry, and other animals,

Greenhouse spraying: Dispense insecticides, fungicides, pesticides for crops protection.

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