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Satalite®, 30 Watt

ndoor Fly Trap This does look like a satellite!
This is an odd looking fly killer not like your normal electric job with blue lights everywhere looking directly onto the tubes, this is a lovely looking thing which uses glueboards and UV lights to attract and kill the little beasties.

Most glueboards are inserted flat but the boffins and insecto cutor designed a system like this to utilize the whole glueboard as an effective killing area instead of certain sections of it, it can be mounted horizontally or vertically so ideal for those tricky places.

This contemporary and discreet solution for pesky flies is suitable for any front of house like a restaurant, bar, cafes and anywhere else, some have even used them in their homes and they are proven to be more effective than a standard decorative insect killer.

Its all metal finish gives this product a long life and makes it tough and durable it is available in a 18Watt and 30W model (see options) making this the perfect all around killing machine.

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