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NARA® is an absolute “hidden hero” in pest management. THE premium league brand for toxin-free monitoring, used worldwide in the food, pharmaceutical and logistics industries, Best Product Award Winner and the only product in its category officially recognised by leading standards such as AIB and IFS. 100% made in Germany, but used internationally in over 50 countries, NARA® is no longer a fringe product, but rather the new standard for early pest detection. NARA® is allergen-free and available in a variety of high-quality, long-lasting flavours from leading retailers and directly from us …for a free sample: contact us now.


NARA® is absolutely allergen-free and can therefore also be used in sensitive areas such as in the food or pharmaceutical industries.

Strong aromas

NARA® has the right flavour for every taste. Depending on the area of use, rodents react to different aromas. To ensure the best monitoring results, we offer a wide range of different flavours.

Lure, Bloc and Spray

No matter whether you use NARA® Lure for snap traps, NARA® Bloc as a monitor in bait stations or NARA® Spray as attractant spray for rodents – with NARA® you are equipped for perfect monitoring.


Allergen-free monitor to detect and identify rodents. Suitable for every location and every situation.

Depending on where used, NARA Bloc has a long shelf life of at least three months. Allergen-free and therefore ideally suited for use in the food industry.

No infestation of the block by insects (flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, cockroaches etc.) as with conventional baits. Ideally suited for use in wet areas. No mould formation or decomposition due to moisture. Gnaw marks enable the distinction to be made between rats and mice.



Perfect fit for Gorilla rat and mouse traps. Toxic-free and insect resistant. Due to its “mushroom shape,” it fits perfectly into any kind of Gorilla trap and can be used in an unset trap for highly efficient monitoring. Nara Lure has a shelf life of at least three months, depending on where it is used. It is free of allergens and therefore ideally suited for use in the food industry. The monitor cannot be attacked by insects (flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, cockroaches, etc.) Nara Lure is also ideally suited for use in wet areas. No mould or decomposition due to moisture.



New scents for rodents. Lure rodents to your trap or monitoring station. With the spray, you can direct rodents to exactly where you want them.

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