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Imida Gold Plus is non-repellant that creates a non-detectable barrier for termites to get exposed to lethal dosages of the product. Termites cannot detect the chemical as it has no odor, taste or smell.

  • Low dosage 0.075% – Dilution Ratio (1 ltr : 475 ltrs of water) Less Environmental Risk.
  • No odour – Accepted by applicators and residents.
  • Non – Repellant  Termiticide – Termites enter the treated Surfaces and carry the a.i to the colony thereby killing major colony members.
  • Lateral Soil Movement of a.i – This Ensures maximum soil coverage in the treated surfaces.
  • Very less – Due to lateral soil movement.

Dosage & Dilution Ratio

  • Our Imidagold Plus shall be applied at 0.075% a.i concentration for termite control treatments in buildings.
  • For Pre & Post Construction Termite Control Works – 2.1 ml of our Imidagold Plus is to be diluted in 1 L of water. (1 ltr is to be diluted in 475 lts of water)
  • For Treatment to wooden structures – Use our Disect TC 1 ltr in 49 ltrs of Kerosene. (Always use oil-based termiticides for treatment to wooden structures to avoid any possible fungal growth & in electrical junction boxes for your safety.
  • Treatment should be as per the current IS 6313 (Part 2) & (Part 3) standards. Imidacloprid 30.5% SC is listed in Bureau of Indian Standard as an approved termiticide.

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