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Sustainable Rodent Control: Pesterminators Partners with SenesTech to Introduce ContraPest® in Maldives

At Pesterminators Pvt Ltd, our commitment to sustainability and effective pest management has led us to forge a strategic partnership with SenesTech, Inc., the experts in rat fertility control. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in addressing a crucial issue – the unchecked reproduction of rats that poses challenges to our environment and communities.

The Issue: Uncontrolled Rodent Reproduction

 The main issue with Rats is rapid reproduction

Rodents, particularly rats, can reproduce rapidly, with two rats and their descendants capable of giving birth to up to 15,000 pups in just one year. This poses a serious threat to the delicate ecological balance of the Maldives, requiring innovative and eco-friendly solutions for effective rodent control.

Introducing ContraPest®

In our pursuit of sustainable pest management, Pesterminators is thrilled to introduce ContraPest®, the only EPA registered contraceptive for male and female rats developed by SenesTech.  This groundbreaking product aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide effective solutions while prioritizing the safety and sustainability of our environment.

How ContraPest® Works

ContraPest® disrupts the reproductive capabilities of rats without resorting to harmful pesticides or extermination methods. It offers a humane and environmentally friendly approach to rodent control. As a contraceptive, ContraPest® reduces rat populations, contributing to cleaner cities, more efficient businesses, and happier households.

Contrapest by pesterminators maldives

The Future of Pesterminators: Sustainable Solutions and Ongoing Development

Our collaboration with SenesTech is not just a one-time introduction but a strategic partnership aimed at long-term solutions. With ContraPest® as a key addition to our integrated pest management programs, we are poised for future developments and expansion.

Pesterminators envisions continued innovation in pest control, embracing sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to personalized attention ensure lasting relationships with our clients, providing tailored solutions for a pest-free environment.

Contrapest by pesterminators maldives sensetech partnership

As we move forward, Pesterminators remain at the forefront of the pest control industry, evolving to meet the dynamic challenges posed by pests in the Maldives and beyond. Stay tuned for updates on our journey towards a greener and pest-free future.

For more information on ContraPest® and our sustainable pest management solutions, visit www.pesterminators.com.mv.

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